Scholarships AT DTI

We admit learners from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own set of perspectives and experiences to offer. We have generous partners who support us to offer scholarships to make a DTI education available to all qualified individuals. As a result, we have made significant commitment to learners in need financially. For more information, please see our scholarship guide.

Scholarship Selection

The DTI selection process involves evaluating each applicant’s overall profile to determine their eligibility for admission. Applicants who apply for scholarships are evaluated and classified based on their financial need. Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of their admissions application and the availability of funds. Those who do not receive immediate funding are placed on a waitlist and informed of their status. Successful scholarship recipients at DTI must demonstrate academic ability, financial need, campus involvement, and a commitment to their communities.

What A Scholarship Covers

DTI scholarships are awarded based on the learner's demonstrated financial need and can cover either a portion or the entire cost of attending DTI. Certain scholarship categories may even cover additional costs such as housing, meals, learning materials, and basic living expenses. As part of their admissions package, successful scholarship applicants will be informed of the specific terms of their scholarship. Successful scholarship applicants will be informed of the specific conditions of their scholarship as part of their admissions package.

Admissions and Scholarships

DTI makes admission and scholarship decisions independently of each other. Learners may be admitted without receiving scholarship support. Admission and scholarship awards, on the other hand, are extremely competitive. It is critical that applicants provide accurate information in their applications. Applicants who provide false information during the application process may be disqualified, and admission offers may be withdrawn even if the applicant has already been accepted.

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