Precision Welding & Fabrication

The Precision Fabrication Program is tailored to suit the needs of the welding and fabrication industry by providing world-class training in line with the global standards of welding.

The Solutions Course: Welding and Fabrication

This provides the core Welding and Fabrication training that turns creative and focused young people into professional independent workers, who can enter the job market as skilled workers or autonomous entrepreneurs. The program of study is certified and approved by CTVET, Ghana’s main regulator of TVET training.

Key aspects are:

1. Welding and Fabrication
2. Strong ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and blueprints.
3. Extensive knowledge of various welding techniques
4. Multiple welding processes example MIG, MMA, OXYACCETYLENE Welding
5. Excellent oral and written communication skills
6. Skills in both mechanical and manual welding practices
7. Fabrication, assembly, installation, and repair of sheet metal products and equipment
8. Designing and building personalized products

Other specialized courses under the Precision Welding and Fabrication Program include:

9. Draughtsmanship skills
10. Welding different types of metals
11. Industry work skills
12. Workplace experience learning in welding and fabrication.



Faster path to becoming a precision skilled welder.
Completion of all CBT 18 Units of study within 10 months
Competence in MIG, TIG, MMA and oxyacetylene cutting and welding.
Excellent learner to facilitator ratio.
Assurance of industry attachment for workplace experience.
At DTI Welding Training, our mission is to provide our learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career in the welding industry. By our proven training system, learners become highly skilled and employable welders in an abbreviated period.


DTI has a spacious welding shop equipped with modern equipment to train learners to gain practical and theoretical experience in Welding and Fabrication.


Employment opportunities for our trained welders are excellent. Learners can expect to find employment opportunities in a variety of industries in the country. At DTI, we train our welders to use all the diverse types of modern welding equipment in all the welding positions such as flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead using the specified drawings according to international standards.

Acquire Skills for a Changing world