At DTI, learners have the freedom to choose the kind of experience they want. Self-driven learners who actively engage in various activities thrive on our campus. We provide opportunities for personal and social development beyond the lecture halls, fostering a nurturing environment where learners can learn from diverse cultures and develop lifelong friendships. We also offer activities to provide a complete learner experience and make them feel at home. We promote educational and leadership experiences to prepare learners to serve their communities through community engagement activities.

Learner Accommodation

As part of efforts to enhance the educational experience of our learners, we offer accommodation options. The residential life at DTI plays an important role in learning by providing opportunities for teamwork, closer friendships, and community building. Whether learners choose to stay on campus or off campus, we work with them to ensure that their experiences contribute to their growth and learning.


Hostel Coordinators

DTI employ hostel coordinators, who are available throughout the week to assist learners in the hostels and ensure the upkeep of common areas, corridors, and bathrooms. The institution also maintains 24/7 security around the hostels and main entrances to the campus.

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