Student Resources

A learner's school experience will be filled with ups and downs, successes and lessons. We have made a concerted effort to provide support services to learners at DTI throughout this learning period in order to help them make the most of their experiences here. Among the services offered are one-on-one coaching and counselling, industry relations, academic guidance, and health and wellness.

Industry Relations

The DTI Edge helps our learners to build the skills and character necessary for an effective mindset shift for a continent limited by negative mindset. Our learners continue to make a difference in the world through their work.

For learners, we take your career seriously and strive to collaborate with you as closely as possible to help you do great work. We work to help you achieve your professional goals regardless of what you study at DTI by providing life-long career coaching, essential skills, and business connections.

Every year, we collaborate with organizations across Ghana to host fairs that enable recruiters to engage with learners, prepare them to create value at work, and develop leadership skills.


Counselling & Coaching

In order to promote a holistic well-being of our learners, the school offers counselling, coaching, and academic advisory services. Learners have someone to talk to about both academics and social issues. Through a variety of psychological support and consultation services, we promote learners' well-being in a safe and confidential environment.

Health & Wellbeing

Our Learners Clinics' mission is to provide high-quality health care services to the entire DTI community by focusing on health maintenance, management, disease prevention, and community empowerment through health education and counselling. The Clinics primarily deal with first aid. More serious medical issues are referred to a nearby hospital by the clinic. In addition, the clinics oversee the campus catering services to ensure food safety and quality. The school strongly advises students to obtain health insurance.

Acquire Skills for a Changing world