Enrichment Courses

The Entrepreneurship Hub

The DTI Entrepreneurship Hub enrichment course offers a unique approach to innovation and entrepreneurship by preparing learners for market demands and production quality. The "do-learn-do model" allows learners to build prototypes early on and learn major concepts in practical lessons while designing and building their products with technology. The course also encourages an entrepreneurial mindset, with the goal of assisting learners in starting their own businesses after they complete it. Industry partners are actively engaged throughout the course, interacting with learners and pushing them towards the market.

The Challenge Programme

The DTI Challenge Programme is an enrichment course that helps learners develop life skills. It focuses on providing learners with soft and professional skills, as well as confidence, to help them deal with daily challenges and achieve success in life. The CTVET interpersonal skills program is also included in the course.

Workplace Learning Experience

Workplace Learning Experience (WEL) is a six-month industrial attachment programme required for DTI learners to complete their 18-month programme. As part of the transition to work program, the programme's goal is to expose learners to industry operations and practices, enhancing their practical knowledge and experience in preparation for the job market. Learners can also work after school and on weekends to earn money to supplement their living expenses or contribute to their tuition.

Acquire Skills for a Changing world